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The Big Motif plays rock music in a way that can be described in one word: naked.

Since its inception in 2005, The Big Motif has been an evolving musical expression with roots in blues, jazz, reggae, psychedelic, funk, and rock.  Recognized as youth prodigy's early on, the band has matured and developed into strong songwriters with a unique flair.  Founding members Tony Pacello(guitar/vocals) and Hunter Roberts(bass/vocals) are both in their early 20’s and are expanding the sound of the band as 2012 moves forward.

the big motif


The Big Motif released its debut CD in 2010 to positive reviews at both press and radio, and then followed up in 2011 with a more straight ahead rock oriented release entitled “Does it Weigh Heavy.”  Both releases have garnered critical praise along the way and the band has played over 200 shows since the release of its debut.  Frank Gutch Jr, from puts it like this: “The Big Motif, a band that if I didn't know better I would swear formed just to prove to me that what I've been saying all these years--- that music really is timeless--- is true. It's like they picked my brain for a handful of my best musical moments and put them all together in a new package.”

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